Sunday, 2 June 2013

Capable hands!!!

hello people,

Its being a while, i've being off the radar for sometime now due to 'Nature's call'. I honestly can't wait to get back to work and blogging regularly too. I want to use this medium to appreciate my team, Opeyemi Ogunshakin, Tolu Asaolu, Chika Abazu and Oluwaseun Olayiwola. They've being so good to me and making our clients happy, I Love you guys....keep up the good work.

Below are some of the brides Tolu and Ope did and Seun took the pictures.

Tolu by Tolu Asaolu for Ewar makeovers.

Tayo by Opeyemi Ogunshakin

Wishing Tayo and Tolu a blissful union, thanks for choosing ewar!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Jade Adewolu Olateru
Hi Ladies,
I'm so excited to share Jade's look with you. Her look was done by my very capable assistant Tolu Asaolu.. I love this look so much. it complements the bride's peach and green outfit and her bejeweled head gear. Thank you Jade for choosing EWAR makeovers and thanks for trusting Tolu. Have a blissful union.

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Oluyomi Ogungbe Amaoo

Meet Oluyomi Ogungbe Amaoo. This is a bride I've being looking forward to her wedding for years now. Thank God the day is finally here and it is all i hoped and dreamt it will be. Her choice of engagement color is so beautiful and i particularly like that she paired the peach 'aso oke' with a sky blue lace, i'm sure you would all agree this colors works for her, though a lot of brides now go with shades of orange and peach these days, I guess its the color in vogue now.

Oluyomi looks absolutely stunning. She's normally not conservative when it comes to her makeup, but i like that she allowed me enhance her features with this subtle colors.

wishing Oluyomi a happy married life, thanks for choosing EWAR makeovers.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Black is beautiful!!!

Biodun Balogun.

Talk about a beautiful, soft, black and flawless skin, She's got it all. She said to me 'ewar, just make me beautiful, i trust your judgement'. Nothing gives a MUA more joy to hear that. She was really cool calm, even though she couldn't leave a bb for a! 
Thanks Biodun for chosing EWAR....wishing you a very blissful union!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Natural and Loving it!

Adenike Ogungbe
I don't know how Dudu (my dear photog friend) convinced me to take these pictures, but i'm so glad i did. I had so much fun doing this. Thanks to my friend Tolu who helped Dotun during the shoot and my very capable assistants Tolu Asaolu and Chika Abazu for this awesome makeup look. If you are a fan of natural or nude makeup like me, i'm sure you will agree they both did a good job at 'panel beating' my face, to enhance my features.

It's exactly one year since i started my natural hair journey. I can tell you for a fact that its the best decision I ever made. I hope to share my Natural hair Journey with you soon, bringing you my before and after photos and how I liberated myself from relaxers, ghana weaves, braids and human hair extensions. I have gone 6 months without 'brazillian hair' weave! huge achievement for me!

Here's What they used to achieve the look.
Basing: Foundation; a mix of Marykay '607 & 507'. Powder;  Milani 'warm'. Blush; Marykay 'Golden rod'

Eyes: Eyeshadow; mac bronze, sketch and carbon. Eyebrow Pencil: BMpro Brow definer. Liquidliner; Black radiance. Lashes; Artismatic. Inner eyerim: Zaron black kajal

Lips: Unveil MUP glaze of light and a clear lipgloss.

Very easy and simple look, you can wear daily, or to a party! Hope you love this look as much as i do? Remember to share this post with a friend you might just be helping an aspiring makeup artist or someone trying to decide whether to go natural or not. #natural hair rocks!

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Moji Sowunmi Olayinka
This is a bride that doesn't joke with her looks....she came in saying "I want very smokey eyes and really orange lip" and that is what i delivered! I love this look so much! Moji has got such amazing features, beautiful skin, full eyebrows, nice cheek bone, lovely eyes, and cute lips to go!

 It wasn't so difficult to enhance all these features. She was a very calm and patient bride (a MUA's dream). Just want to use this medium to congratulate her. Thanks for choosing EWAR and giving me the permission to put your 'before' picture. Very confident and bold of you....looking forward to Saturday

White wedding look
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Beautiful People!!!

 Hello Ladies,

I must say i miss you all a lot, it was really a bumpy season in the last 'ember' months, i thank God for sparing our lives and giving us hope for a bright new year. However, i met some really special people, sisters and great clients. I'm glad to share some of their looks with you, just to inspire you all as always. will be glad to answer any questions.

Yetunde Omorode

Yetunde Omorode

Boyede Onalaja

Adeola Kamson

Adeola Kamson

Folake Adebanjo

Damilola Onalaja by unveil

Makeup done by Opeyemi @ ewar... Photography by Adenike @ ewar.