Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lets Begin!

Bisola Okuwobi
hi everyone,

Let me start by giving you and overview of what i would be sharing on my blog.

For every woman out there who has ever held a mirror in one hand and a lipstick in the other, this is for you. (*now where is my favourite bb smiley*)
i will be sharing my look books, how to achieve different looks (get the look of your favorite celebrities), makeup tools, we will be reviewing popular makeup brands together, skin care basics, healthy living and lifestyle, step by step on how to tie the 'dreaded' headgear, and so much more......hmmmm, I'm so excited!!!!

incase you are wondering who this beautiful bride is, her name is Bisola Okuwobi, did her makeup last month, i will tell you all about how i achieved her look. This is just a glimpse! lol

please invite your friends to stay connected to my blog, sure you will learn one or two tips.


  1. Yay,great job Honey.U can be sure I just added you to my list of blogs to visit daily.Cheers!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. im expecting updated shares to the Naija Bloggers FB page o, because im sure i wont be able to keep up with your posts, lol.

  3. Way to go girl. Have fun all the way.

  4. Hmmmm, ewarberry herself, well done girl! U sure on top of ur game. Anyways me dey here.oya legooooo!

  5. Nike, this is great! Don't know if you remember me but I contacted you a couple of weeks ago for bridal makeup. Will definitely be following your blog. Keep it up :)

  6. Nice1 ....i must say your work is exceptional stunning

  7. One word "Excellent"