Friday, 17 February 2012


Dolapo Kuye Shote
The power of a properly shaped and well drawn eyebrows cannot be over emphasized. As you can see in the picture of Dolapo above, there's a huge transformation of the face after the makeup.  Shaping the brows can be done in the following ways.

1. threading
2. waxing
3. tweezing
4. blading 

Blading is the easiest and the most dangerous way to shape the brows ......i won't advice you to blade your eyebrows yourself.  Go to a professional to get your brows in shape. Tweezing can be done easily on yourself, provided you pluck out the hair in the direction in which they grow. Waxing and threading has to be done by a pro too. i have tried the 4 ways on myself and i can tell you that, threading is the way to go (in my opinion).

I use the mac eyebrow pencil (spiked or Stud) depending on the person's skin tone.... i particularly love this pencil because it is self propelling and retractable, it makes it easier for even non professionals to use. it just works!!!! marykay eyebrow pencil works for me as well. 

I love to use marykay eyebrow gel to keep my brows in place and long lasting.

In summary, its best to shape eyebrows according to the postion of the natural arc. The outcome of the eyebrow, largely depends on the natural shape of your brows. I like to keep the shape as full as possible.  please share with us the brow pencil, powder and the brand that does the magic for u *wink*

Friday, 3 February 2012

Brand Review!

Hi everyone,
Every woman or 'man' has a makeup brand that does the trick for her. Here is a few of mine below. Truth of the matter is, for a MUA (makeup artist) no one brand does the trick. we always have to mix and match to get what we want.

here is a few of my favorites and i will tell you why (in my own opinion o). so lets have some fun together. Name your brand and tell us the trick it does for you.

       For primer i use the Nos 7 primer from Boots (UK)
I particularly love this primer because it sucks up the excess oil on your face and leaves the skin dry and matte. I always advice my Naija sisters (especially if you have an oily skin) to go for an oil control primer/shine free primer because of our weather. If you live in a cold climate and your skin is dry you might want to go for a moisturizing primer.
The drawback of this primer is, if not well blended or if you apply too much, it leaves a white residue on the face especially if you use in ac (air conditioned room)

      For Foundation, I have tried all sort. Marykay foundation does the magic for me and it works well for this weather. It comes in different shades and you can mix 2 or more shades to get your exact color. There is a popular question people usually ask. 'is bronze 600 lighter than bronze 607?' if you swipe the two shades at the back of your hand, you will find that 600 has a brown or cool undertone, while 607 has a red or warm undertone. it doesn't mean 600 is lighter than 607. its just the undertone that differentiates the two. most of us in this part of the world have a warm undertone. if you want a shade lighter than 607, just mix 607 and a bit of 507, you should get a perfect match. Always test the shade of foundation in daylight before buying.

      for powder, i love a couple of brands. i love mac mineralize powder, iman, milanni, bobbi brown, tara powder pallet...... all these brands works for me, whether in loose or compact form, as long as you get your foundation right, powder shouldn't be a problem. you can even choose to use a white powder on your foundation for a matte look. 

    Brands listed in this post are solely my views and opinions gathered over my years of experience in the field. no one paid me to talk about them. i am ready to hear your opinions too,  i would like you to introduce me to the brand that does the magic of a smooth flawless skin we all want!