Monday, 30 July 2012

Get the Look!

Opeyemi Ogunshakin

Hi everyone,

Hope your weekend was fun filled as mine. Meet my assistant Ope, she's been with Ewar for over 3 years now, and she is a very good makeup artist, trained by Ewar!

During our training session this morning, I did this look on Ope and I decided to share with you, the 'not so expensive products' I used to achieve this look. Below are the items i used.


I prepped her face using my 'mark members' wipes followed by my favorite primer 'no7' from boots, I used a mixture of marykay 607 and 808 for her foundation and powdered with the 'warm' color powder form Tara's powder pallet. I used the black radiance shimmer bronzer on her cheek bone and the bridge of her nose, followed by 'irawo' blush from Tara. I used the powder to blend it all together


I prepped eyes for eyeshadow using an eyeshadow base (this can be your normal body moisturizer or balm). i chose a bronze from this pallet (miss rose) to open up her eyes and a mint green as ascent just by the lash line, I contoured her eyes with a soft black and lined her eyes with black liquid liner, and used a mascara 'zaron lash lengthening' on her lashes, and lined her inner eye rim with 'zaron black velvet' eye pencil, i filled in her brows using the mac 'stud' brow pencil.


i Lined her lips with the zaron red vines lip liner, and used the '24 karat' lipgloss in the middle of her lips and blended it on the lip liner as well. i finished of with the mac clear lip glass!

Now for that 'gele' i urge you to stay tuned, I'm still working on that video, i promise to upload it real soon. I hope you can try out this look and send me your pictures and questions at

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Style factory!

Today was the most anticipated 'my style factory' exhibition and training. I had a great time! it was quiet enlightening for me as well. Learnt so much from Dr Vivian on the skin care therapy....she couldn't over emphasize how important it is to watch what you eat especially staying away from Sugar! as it has negative effect on the skin as we age. She also said 'if you find a product that works for your skin, stick to it'. Skin care requires patience and consistency.

For the first time today, i was informed that most of the 'toning/bleaching' cream formula actually have hydrogen peroxide (for bleaching hair), hair relaxers and bleaching liquid (as in Jik!) in its content.....i was stunned, my dear sisters please stay away from the cream 'mixologist' that won't tell you the content of their mixture. Skin cancer is REAL!!!

Dr vivan, also stated the importance sunscreen protection on the areas of your body that is not covered, (I've always thought it was for the face alone o) you are meant to apply it on any area that is exposed  depending on the type of outfit you wear!

Then came the Chef Bolarinwa Aaron, i was taken by his passion for food and what he does...i learnt a lot of culinary terms i can barely He spoke on Sauces, cooking with wine and Flavoring, and how white wine can be used to cook fishes, seafood, while red wine is for meat, lamb... (Game). It was an eye opener for me....i can't wait to take a short course in culinary. I won a scholarship to training with Bola for being a very attentive student *wink wink*

I was very glad to help ladies who find tying headgear very difficult! i made it look so simple almost everyone got it right the first time. i will be uploading a video soon to show you all how to do it!

Did i mention there were a lot of Nigerian designers that sold their wears at a very good discount? i must say, I'm blown away by the amount of talent we have in this country.
if you missed this edition of my style factory, not to worry...there will be another one next month! i will bring you all the details as soon as i have it.

Stay with me!


Friday, 20 July 2012


my dear readers,

i have absolutely no excuse to have being MIA since February, I'm so sorry! I'm Just thankful to God that I'm back and better!

i had a very interesting day, starting with doing the traditional makeup look for one of my brides and old trainee (lol) Nora.  below is her picture...

On her eyes, she's got mac 'Expensive pink' eyeshadow, 'wood winked' 'coppering' and little matte carbon(black) eyeshadow to contour her eyes. my favorite false red cherry lashes 747s to add the extra bling to her eyes.
On her lips is mac 'chestnut' and 'mahogany' lip liner, with a natural gloss in the middle, finished up with beauty rush melon lipgloss.

she later changed her outfit, then i intensified her eyes by lining a 'zapphire blue liner' jordana and i added a touch of mac 'lady danger lipstick' on her lips.
i will be sharing tips on how to tie head gear soon. please stay with me

i hope you can recreate this look on your face or on someone. please share your pictures with me @