Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Style factory!

Today was the most anticipated 'my style factory' exhibition and training. I had a great time! it was quiet enlightening for me as well. Learnt so much from Dr Vivian on the skin care therapy....she couldn't over emphasize how important it is to watch what you eat especially staying away from Sugar! as it has negative effect on the skin as we age. She also said 'if you find a product that works for your skin, stick to it'. Skin care requires patience and consistency.

For the first time today, i was informed that most of the 'toning/bleaching' cream formula actually have hydrogen peroxide (for bleaching hair), hair relaxers and bleaching liquid (as in Jik!) in its content.....i was stunned, my dear sisters please stay away from the cream 'mixologist' that won't tell you the content of their mixture. Skin cancer is REAL!!!

Dr vivan, also stated the importance sunscreen protection on the areas of your body that is not covered, (I've always thought it was for the face alone o) you are meant to apply it on any area that is exposed  depending on the type of outfit you wear!

Then came the Chef Bolarinwa Aaron, i was taken by his passion for food and what he does...i learnt a lot of culinary terms i can barely He spoke on Sauces, cooking with wine and Flavoring, and how white wine can be used to cook fishes, seafood, while red wine is for meat, lamb... (Game). It was an eye opener for me....i can't wait to take a short course in culinary. I won a scholarship to training with Bola for being a very attentive student *wink wink*

I was very glad to help ladies who find tying headgear very difficult! i made it look so simple almost everyone got it right the first time. i will be uploading a video soon to show you all how to do it!

Did i mention there were a lot of Nigerian designers that sold their wears at a very good discount? i must say, I'm blown away by the amount of talent we have in this country.
if you missed this edition of my style factory, not to worry...there will be another one next month! i will bring you all the details as soon as i have it.

Stay with me!



  1. Leanrt a lot frm dis small piece u interested in the next no 08036059174

  2. Very well done. I'm sure the next one will bu super duper!

  3. This is a major eye opener Nike but I've known about the culinary aspect for a while now. Would love to participate in the next one, pls keep me informed. Thanks

  4. Nice!!......after ur culinary course, we will need to taste and see if really u are an attentive student *wink wink*

  5. When will the headgear tying video be uploaded? Sooooo looking forward 2 it...madly inspired by you!!!

  6. Dr. Vivian Oputa19 October 2012 at 03:24

    Thanks for the Great Review!