Friday, 31 August 2012

Natures Gift!!!

Coconut Oil

The benefits of this pure coconut oil, cannot be over emphasized, used on the hair or body, you are sure to get an amazing result. For Hair, you can use as a normal daily hair cream to fight dandruff, its also used along side honey and conditioner for deep oil treatment for the hair.
Shea Butter Black Soap
I remember my grandma swears by the work of 'ose dudu' while we were growing up. But a lot of people are scared to use it these days because they are not sure of the content of the mixture and where to get a good one. Olaa Shea Butter Black Soap is purely a mixture of 'coconut oil, Vitamins, Essential Oil Blends, Lime Juice, Palm bunch ash, Palm kernel oil, Cocoa pod ash, Camwood (osun), Shea Butter, Pure Honey, Carotenoids, phytonutrients. I have had the benefits of using this soap for the past 3 weeks and I must confess, I have noticed a tremendous difference on my skin. It clears all sort of skin infections. If you want a glowing skin, you would love this soap. 

Pure Honey
We all must have heard a lot about the benefits and use of honey, this benefits cannot be achieved if you use an adulterated honey. Olaa Pure honey is a natural honey. Incorporate this natures gift in your daily beauty regime for steaming your hair, replace sugar in tea with honey, and so many other uses Did you know honey can be use in weight loss.....please visits for more details.

Shea Butter
I have experienced the power of Pure natural Shea butter first hand. This natures gift can be used to treat Diaper rash, hair loss, burns, healing scars amongst many other benefits of this 'magic butter'
I love the effect of this shea butter most on babies, you can always tell a 'shea butter' baby butt from a 'chemical cream' baby
Be sure to get an adulterated one for a quick and good result.

In conclusion, Olaa range of natural products are pure and unadulterated, its a brain child of Mrs Olabowale Omolade, whose love for pure natural products drives her to source for this products from far and wide in the Nigeria villages! She does all the mixture and 'cooking' by her self. She has a solid background in Medical Lab Science and Cosmetology, with over 10 years experience in her field.

As we all know a good makeup starts with a very good skin. I'm an advocate of staying off 'chemical products' especially creams and soap that you are not sure of its content. I haven't being paid to advertise Olaa products, but i thought to share, and this is one of my secret

you can call 01-7358963 for further details.


Friday, 24 August 2012


Adenike Ogungbe

Woke up today and was inspired to do a nude look. I went to get my 'tutti brown' contact lens. I'm not a fan of combining contact lens and makeup, so i decided to try a nude look with it. I must confess, I love this look so much. I think it's stunning.....*blushing*

Heres how i achieved this look:
step 1: I used oil matifier (no 7 shine free primer), on my t-zone.
step 2: I applied my foundation (a mixture of marykay 607 & 507), followed by powder (milani warm)

step 3: I used my lip balm to moisturize the crease of my eyes, and I started with a mac eyeshadow 'bronze', followed by a matte brown eyeshadow from a random pallete, i combined matte black and orange for the contouring, making sure they are well blended!
step 4: apply a black liquid liner and apply a long false eye lashes, using the ardell adhesive for strip lashes, blend your natural lashes with the falsies by using black mascara, then I lined my inner eye rim using zaron 'black velvet' eyeliner.
Step 5: I used the mac 'Spiked' pencil to draw my brows and a the marykay brow gel to keep it together. I highlighted my brow bone with a light powder to make it more defined.
Step 6:I applied marykay foundation 507 on my lips....YES! foundation....afterall there are no rules in makeup! followed by my '24 karat zaron lipgloss then a clear gloss around the outer lip for that perfect nude lip color. 
Step 7: I contoured my face using a dark sleek powder 'woodsmoke' followed by marykay 'golden copper' blush. and i blended with my milani powder. I highlighted my cheek bone and the bridge of my nose with black radiance bronzer.
This look is very simple to do and you can wear it everyday! Remember! makeup is all about blending, try to have fun with it!

I would like to thank you for being a fan of this blog, I have being getting a lot of positive feed back. I will be uploading pictures of some of you that have tried out some of the looks. 

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Sunday, 12 August 2012


Bunmi Olunloyo

Hi beautiful bloggers,

I did two wonderful brides today. I decided to share their pictures and my experience with you guys. Woke up with my normal Saturday alarm set for most of my clients know by now, I hate to leave the house before 7am due to my terrible experience with armed robbers some years back. The first bride was at oriental in Lekki, while the second one was at 10 degrees Alausa, Ikeja. I must confess I dreaded today, just because of the unpredictable nature of Lagos traffic, especially with the closure of 3rd mainland bridge.

I fervently prayed to God for an itch free day. Sade booked for 3 outfits, while Bunmi booked for 2 outfits all in ONE day...whew!!!! Got to Sade in good time for her first look, did a few extras and left there about 10am for Bunmi's engagement in Ikeja. Everything went well for the first outfits for both brides, until I had to leave from Ikeja back to Lekki for a 1pm appointment for Sade's second outfit. I spent a whooping 1hour on ikorodu road ‘bumper to bumper’ traffic, meanwhile I started getting calls on how angry the bride is with me not being there on time. Unfortunately, her hair stylist was stock in the same traffic, long story short, the bride left for church without getting her hair done (*sad face*) but got her makeup touched up by Foyin (my assistant) who i left to look after her.

We waited till the church service was over, the hairstylist (Debby) and I apologized frantically, traffic situation in Lagos is no excuse to keep a bride waiting or angry on her day. 
Meanwhile Bunmi was waiting for me for a change of outfit in Ikeja. If I faced the traffic back to ikeja, Lord knows she will be on her way to her husband’s house by the time I get there! 

I thank God for my wonderful assistants who made it easier for me to pull through today! I thank Sade and Bunmi for choosing EWAR MAKEOVERS. As you can see, they both look stunning!!!

'Life as a Makeup Artist in Nigeria' is not easy oooo. For aspiring MUAs out there, hope you've learnt one or two lessons from my experience today! I wish you all the best. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment column below, you never can tell whose life you'd touch.

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Sade Abrahams

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Delicious Lips..

A Collage of some of the lips I did.

A lot of people ask me 'How do I get the perfect lip color that works for my skin tone and the size of my lips?' Basically, you either want your lips glossy, creamy or matte. It also depends on your lip shape and size. If you have very small lips, glossy lips works for you, but if you are very 'endowed' you want to keep it creamy or matte.
a Lipbrush

Lip liners: A good lip liner should be soft and vibrant in color. I like to line my lines when they are dry, i believe the lip color stay on longer this way. The lip liner color I choose normally depend on the size and shape of the lips and the color of lipstick and lipgloss i want to use.

I start by drawing a 'V' at the peak of the lips then follow the natural lip line. please note, if you have huge lips you want to line your lips just below your lip line by using a dark lip liner first to sort of contour or close in the lips to make it appear smaller. if you have small lips you can line above your natural lip line and you can also get away with using pale and bright colors. Use a lip brush to blend it in so there are no visible lines on your lips. 

Lipsticks: I love my lipsticks in all colors and finish. When buying lipsticks, note that the dark colors are always best used at the outer lips while the natural colors are very good in the inner part of the lips. After applying the lipstick, use a lip brush to blend in the colors with the lipliner .

Lipgloss/Lipglass: The major different that i noticed between a lipgloss and lip glass is the thickness. it adds finishing touches to the lips. clear lip glosses are best used on the lipliner to make the color even more vibrant. natural lipgloss can also be used on the inner part of the lips.

Lip stain: Lipstain are usually water based colorant that gives lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won't come off, lasting for hours, without the heavy look or feel of ordinary lipstick. some come in pen, tube or cream form.

Avoid using too much gloss in the middle of your lips. I'm sure we all hate that caked white line that forms in the middle of the lips after some time. 

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stripped too!

Foyinsola Aguda

I stripped Foyin Makeup is perfect for enhancing your features. Taking a look at her before, picture you would notice Foyin has got very nice cheek bones, good eyebrows, beautiful eyes and lovely lips. I used the following products to achieve this look.

For her foundation i used a mix of marykay 607 and 808. I concentrated more on her spots, under eye area and her lids, using my fingers to blend the foundation in properly

Eyes: I used a gold and orange eyeshadow from the miss rose pallet, and a matte black and wine for the contouring at the sides of the eyes......the key to a good eyeshadow work is blending! blending!! blending!!! 
I lined her eyes with the zaron black eye pencil and used black radiance liquid liner at the top. I fixed her lashes using red cherry lashes and the ardelle adhesive glue for strip lashes.
I filled her brows in with the marykay brow pencil in soft black, and highlighted with a lighter shade of powder on her brow bone.

Lips: this was particularly interesting for me because I used a mix of colors i haven't tried before! thats the beauty of keep discovering new things every day!
I used a brown zaron lipliner, followed with the mahogany lipliner in zaron. followed by a peach glaze lipgloss by savvy and a cashmere lipstick by milani. i finished off the lips with the mac clear lip glass.

I used a coral blush 'urah' from tara and black radiance bronzer to finish the look. 
It as easy as that! you can do it too!!!

please send me your questions and share your photos with me (

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Adenike Ogungbe
I'm always amazed at the power of good makeup on a woman, as you can see from my picture above, no woman should step out with out getting her face done......heheheheehhehee

I'm going to share with you, what i used to achieve this look and i bet you can put this together on yourself in less than 20mins.....its so easy

I never step out of the house without my sunscreen protection, i use the marykay sunscreen moisturizer first and dab the excess with a ply tissue.
step 1: I used oil matifier (no 7 shine free primer), on my t-zone.
step 2: I applied my foundation (a mixture of marykay 607 & 507), followed by powder (milani warm)
step 3: I used a very dark navy blue eyeshadow, and used a matte dark blue on the sides for contouring all from the miss rose eyeshadow pallet
step 4: I lined my eyes using a rimmel liquid liner in black (any black liquid liner will do). I lined my inner eye rim with the zaron kajal in black.
step 5: I fixed my strip lash red cherry 747s  using ardell brushon clear lash adhesive 
step 6: I used marykay eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows lightly,i used the marykay brow gel to keep it in place. I highlighted the brow bone using a lighter shade of powder to make it more defined
step 7: I lined my lips with a zaron light pink pencil, blended it in with a lipliner, followed by the 24 karat zaron  lip gloss and made it more glossy using beauty rush lipgloss.
step 8: I applied black radiance bronzer on the bridge of my nose and cheek, followed by markay blush golden copper 
 step 9: Brush your hair, put on your shoes and get ready to turn

my major principle when it comes to makeup is....keep it simple, clean and fresh! if properly done it will enhance your good features and hide the flaws!!! *wink*