Thursday, 9 August 2012

Delicious Lips..

A Collage of some of the lips I did.

A lot of people ask me 'How do I get the perfect lip color that works for my skin tone and the size of my lips?' Basically, you either want your lips glossy, creamy or matte. It also depends on your lip shape and size. If you have very small lips, glossy lips works for you, but if you are very 'endowed' you want to keep it creamy or matte.
a Lipbrush

Lip liners: A good lip liner should be soft and vibrant in color. I like to line my lines when they are dry, i believe the lip color stay on longer this way. The lip liner color I choose normally depend on the size and shape of the lips and the color of lipstick and lipgloss i want to use.

I start by drawing a 'V' at the peak of the lips then follow the natural lip line. please note, if you have huge lips you want to line your lips just below your lip line by using a dark lip liner first to sort of contour or close in the lips to make it appear smaller. if you have small lips you can line above your natural lip line and you can also get away with using pale and bright colors. Use a lip brush to blend it in so there are no visible lines on your lips. 

Lipsticks: I love my lipsticks in all colors and finish. When buying lipsticks, note that the dark colors are always best used at the outer lips while the natural colors are very good in the inner part of the lips. After applying the lipstick, use a lip brush to blend in the colors with the lipliner .

Lipgloss/Lipglass: The major different that i noticed between a lipgloss and lip glass is the thickness. it adds finishing touches to the lips. clear lip glosses are best used on the lipliner to make the color even more vibrant. natural lipgloss can also be used on the inner part of the lips.

Lip stain: Lipstain are usually water based colorant that gives lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won't come off, lasting for hours, without the heavy look or feel of ordinary lipstick. some come in pen, tube or cream form.

Avoid using too much gloss in the middle of your lips. I'm sure we all hate that caked white line that forms in the middle of the lips after some time. 

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  1. Ok! That was quite educative and informative. Thanks girl for those priceless tips :) shared this link on a group I am on BB.. Hopefully they'll take a peep! Nice 1. Cheers

  2. Wao, can u tell us the tips on how to. Get lovely eye lashes, I have never worn one, because I feel it won't fit me.

  3. Nice one.Beautiful work,dat caked white line dat appears on d lip I hate wit power.I can also educate somone too.tank u Tiwi 4 sharing.

  4. Thanks, that was quite I know how to avoid the dreaded white line.

  5. Nice one ewar. This info is free o... Guys appreciate a sister. Am really shoked u would put this up. People go to school to learn this stuff. Ur far to kind *wink* that's what makes u the best.

  6. Wow; good job! Tnx 4 d free training. Lol

  7. God bless your work