Friday, 31 August 2012

Natures Gift!!!

Coconut Oil

The benefits of this pure coconut oil, cannot be over emphasized, used on the hair or body, you are sure to get an amazing result. For Hair, you can use as a normal daily hair cream to fight dandruff, its also used along side honey and conditioner for deep oil treatment for the hair.
Shea Butter Black Soap
I remember my grandma swears by the work of 'ose dudu' while we were growing up. But a lot of people are scared to use it these days because they are not sure of the content of the mixture and where to get a good one. Olaa Shea Butter Black Soap is purely a mixture of 'coconut oil, Vitamins, Essential Oil Blends, Lime Juice, Palm bunch ash, Palm kernel oil, Cocoa pod ash, Camwood (osun), Shea Butter, Pure Honey, Carotenoids, phytonutrients. I have had the benefits of using this soap for the past 3 weeks and I must confess, I have noticed a tremendous difference on my skin. It clears all sort of skin infections. If you want a glowing skin, you would love this soap. 

Pure Honey
We all must have heard a lot about the benefits and use of honey, this benefits cannot be achieved if you use an adulterated honey. Olaa Pure honey is a natural honey. Incorporate this natures gift in your daily beauty regime for steaming your hair, replace sugar in tea with honey, and so many other uses Did you know honey can be use in weight loss.....please visits for more details.

Shea Butter
I have experienced the power of Pure natural Shea butter first hand. This natures gift can be used to treat Diaper rash, hair loss, burns, healing scars amongst many other benefits of this 'magic butter'
I love the effect of this shea butter most on babies, you can always tell a 'shea butter' baby butt from a 'chemical cream' baby
Be sure to get an adulterated one for a quick and good result.

In conclusion, Olaa range of natural products are pure and unadulterated, its a brain child of Mrs Olabowale Omolade, whose love for pure natural products drives her to source for this products from far and wide in the Nigeria villages! She does all the mixture and 'cooking' by her self. She has a solid background in Medical Lab Science and Cosmetology, with over 10 years experience in her field.

As we all know a good makeup starts with a very good skin. I'm an advocate of staying off 'chemical products' especially creams and soap that you are not sure of its content. I haven't being paid to advertise Olaa products, but i thought to share, and this is one of my secret

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  1. Good you are not being paid to do this because i would have asked for my share. I have been using the shea butter black soap for the past three weeks and the result is awesome,the spots on my skin are gradually fading off leaving my skin with a glow.please do not use directly on your skin,especially the face. its worth a try

  2. Am a sucker for shea butter and the black soap,i started using both a year ago and i must say dere is a diference on my skin.Cant wait to keep in touch with her yipee.

  3. I use shea butter to rub my skin n I have being using it for 6yrs now, its. Great, most pple complain abt d smell, but believe me d odour doesn't lst 4 5mins on d body, I just love dis blog, cos I believe it benefit most of us one way or d oda.

  4. kindly provide information on where to get the products, i have acne prone, blotchy, dull skin, thanks!

    1. you can get it at 25b sunmola street mende maryland

  5. Great work. Love your products. Been using shea butter and coconut oil for a while now and loving it. Been trying to get some coconut oil cos I'm out. Glad I came by your blog

  6. Shea butter is an awesome product! ȋ̝̊̅ have been using Fø̲̣̣я̅ years now,Fø̲̣̣я̅ M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ daughters hair α̲̅πϑ skin. It works magic

  7. Ori,adiagbon,oyin,osec dudu r all natures gift to mankind.Thank u ewar.


  8. esther isimoni odanga24 October 2012 at 03:14

    Myth Or fact?I overheard that shea butter can be used as a makeup primer and is also good for firming saggy breasts.any confirmation?

  9. Hi Ewar, Fantastic Blog kip the good work coming.
    Do you use the "shea butter black soap"and "shea butter" on your face or just body?

  10. It contains borage oil for moisture retention, shea butter to moisturise, comfrey and rose geranium essential oil to soothe and nourish the skin.

  11. Pls how much are u selling it and how can I get it bcos of my location.