Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stripped too!

Foyinsola Aguda

I stripped Foyin Makeup is perfect for enhancing your features. Taking a look at her before, picture you would notice Foyin has got very nice cheek bones, good eyebrows, beautiful eyes and lovely lips. I used the following products to achieve this look.

For her foundation i used a mix of marykay 607 and 808. I concentrated more on her spots, under eye area and her lids, using my fingers to blend the foundation in properly

Eyes: I used a gold and orange eyeshadow from the miss rose pallet, and a matte black and wine for the contouring at the sides of the eyes......the key to a good eyeshadow work is blending! blending!! blending!!! 
I lined her eyes with the zaron black eye pencil and used black radiance liquid liner at the top. I fixed her lashes using red cherry lashes and the ardelle adhesive glue for strip lashes.
I filled her brows in with the marykay brow pencil in soft black, and highlighted with a lighter shade of powder on her brow bone.

Lips: this was particularly interesting for me because I used a mix of colors i haven't tried before! thats the beauty of keep discovering new things every day!
I used a brown zaron lipliner, followed with the mahogany lipliner in zaron. followed by a peach glaze lipgloss by savvy and a cashmere lipstick by milani. i finished off the lips with the mac clear lip glass.

I used a coral blush 'urah' from tara and black radiance bronzer to finish the look. 
It as easy as that! you can do it too!!!

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  1. Wow....this looks lovely. Very good work especially @ the brows and lips. Foyinsola looks perfect.

  2. Major transformation!!!

  3. Really nice and educative. Tnx for sharing. Looking forward to video tutorials!

  4. lovely work Adenike, well done. i owe you that photoshoot o abi?

  5. Beautiful as always. Love the Stripped series,do keep it up!

  6. Hegai & Esther9 August 2012 at 11:55

    This is how makeup should look. I love the fact that one can appreciate the overall look and not one particular overemphasized feature. I particularly love the eyebrows, they are not like the overly arched enormous brows that are in vogue now....

  7. Lovely

  8. Ah ah! creative metamorphosis! Bravo!!

  9. I love all the eyebrows I ve seen on your blog, wonderful!

  10. Very Defined brows...Love your work and i keep stalking your blog for New
    (Beauty Products and Accessories)

  11. Hi, I love all ur works especially ur eyebrows. I haven't been able to get them to look like urs. Pls can u give me tips on lining eyebrows? Thanks. I appreciate.

  12. Hi nike, what number red cherry lashes have you got on? Trying to buy on ebay and there are all sorts. X

  13. really love ur work, keep it up

  14. Ok! It's official. I'M IN LOVE WITH U! Or ur work. D line is blury ryt now. can't bliv am jst goin thru ur blog fr d first tym eva 2day.dnt kno of Ewar until i watchd ur gele video.hopin we meet soon.great work u'r doin.defntly following