Sunday, 30 September 2012

Black is Beautiful!

Kemi Sofowora

Congratulations to my dear friends Kemi & Dipo Sofowora.  It was a fun weekend indeed! don't think I've partied this hard in a while, we all had a blast. Kemi is such a beautiful bride in and out! I wish her a blissful marital life. Thank you for choosing EWAR! 

Below are some of the fun pictures i took!

Kemi Sofowora
Kemi Aina Sofowora
Adenike Ogungbe & Tiwalola Ogungbe
Adenike, Kemi, Tiwa, Bunmi

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ruby woo!!!

Adenike Ogungbe
I switched on my 'owambe' mode this weekend! and decided to share the look with you guys! The highlight of this look for me, is the lips...and yes! it's mac RUBY WOO with a twist....I used a mixture of the ruby woo and mac lady danger lipstick to get this look.

For this 'Wicked Lips', make sure your lips are crack-free and dry so the lipstick can stay on very long. Start by lining your lips with the ruby woo very intensely, followed by lady danger in the middle and smack your lips!

I'm yet to see anyone ruby woo doesn't fit! so try it on and stop playing safe with nude colors all the time!!!
Beads by Ornamental Beads 08055349066

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nude too!!

Ty Bello
I did this look almost two years ago for the musical video of 'the future'. Its a look I love very much. I couldn't wait to share the picture with you since I got it from Ty a couple of days ago.

The concept of the look was to do a very clean, fresh and nude look to go with her personal style. Its very similar to the nude look I had on in my last post. Below is a few things you would need to recreate the look.

step 1. I applied two shades of foundation marykay 607 and 708 to highlight and contour her face, followed by the mac mineralize powder Deep dark.

Step 2. I moisturized her eyelids and dusted sleek powder 'woodsmoke' I blended it all over the eyelids. (any matte coffee brown eyeshadow will do). I lined her inner eye rim with black and used a thick liquid liner at the top of the lids.

Step3. one of the highlights of this look is the lashes. Ty has got very full hair and brows so a very dramatic eyelashes will work well for her features. For this look, I used two 'red cherry lashes 747M' strip lashes on each eye to make it very full, then I blended her natural lashes with the falsies with a black mascara. I applied mac eyeshadow hoodwinked at the inner corners of the eyes to brighten her eyes.

Step 4. Ty has got very full lashes to go with her very big hair, so i had to go easy on the blade while try to clean up the brows...I used very little eye brow pencil just to fill in the sparse areas on her brows followed by the marykay brow gel, to keep them in place.

Step 5. I used 'chestnut' mac lipliner to line her lips, blended with a lip brush, then i applied 'ember glow' and 'pink lemonade' mac lipgloss and finished with the clear mac lip glass

Step 6. I used an orange blush on the check and blended with the deep dark mineral powder.

I got a lot of response from the last 'Nude!!' post, so i decided to share with you other variations of the look. Please try it and send me your pictures, would love to see your improvements.

Remember to share this post with your might be helping an aspiring Makeup Artist.


Ty Bello