Monday, 5 November 2012

Half Moon!!!

hi Ladies....this is a look I love a lot, I thought to share what i used on the eyes just to inspire you.
Its a combination of 6 colors, i used very little lip balm as primer on the eyes to make the shadow last longer. The first color is mac 'wood winked' followed by mac 'bronze' and mac 'cranberry' very close to the lash line. I contoured her eyes with mac 'sketch' and mac 'orange', blending all the colors into each other gives a unified look. I lined the eyes with my favourite black radiance liquid liner, brushed her lashes and fixed red cherry lashes '747s' on her lashes. I lined her inner eye rim with black and applied mac vibrant grape just below the rim.

hope u can try this out and share your look with me @ ( You can use any other brands that have similar colours to what i have here. hope to hear from you soon!

Nneka Mbonu


  1. U'r just too good nike.beautiful job!

  2. u sure are something else. Kudos sis

  3. Ewar is making me groom my brow, I guess I did a good job on it dis morning, thanks to ya! I had to cut d brow to d lowest, den I shapened it. My eyes r looking talking talking

  4. Hello,pls can u recommend a good oil free foundation & a powder 2 go wt it??? Vry nice blog/job I must say.

  5. Good day Ewar, pls I'd want to attend a professional makeup class with u...pls how long would it take and how much? Thank U