Saturday, 13 April 2013


Oluyomi Ogungbe Amaoo

Meet Oluyomi Ogungbe Amaoo. This is a bride I've being looking forward to her wedding for years now. Thank God the day is finally here and it is all i hoped and dreamt it will be. Her choice of engagement color is so beautiful and i particularly like that she paired the peach 'aso oke' with a sky blue lace, i'm sure you would all agree this colors works for her, though a lot of brides now go with shades of orange and peach these days, I guess its the color in vogue now.

Oluyomi looks absolutely stunning. She's normally not conservative when it comes to her makeup, but i like that she allowed me enhance her features with this subtle colors.

wishing Oluyomi a happy married life, thanks for choosing EWAR makeovers.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Black is beautiful!!!

Biodun Balogun.

Talk about a beautiful, soft, black and flawless skin, She's got it all. She said to me 'ewar, just make me beautiful, i trust your judgement'. Nothing gives a MUA more joy to hear that. She was really cool calm, even though she couldn't leave a bb for a! 
Thanks Biodun for chosing EWAR....wishing you a very blissful union!